Akropolis Community Quest is over! But fear not: we have another one coming up.

The first-ever Community Quest in crypto space with
14 days of challenging riddles & quizzes and
massive response from the participants is
completed. And the prize pool worth of
total $70, 000 in ETH and AKT is to be
distributed to the winners.

We are thrilled to see such amazing input, and excited to announce
the sequel to the Quest later in September! Join our Telegram and
Watch this space for more detail coming up soon!
Akropolis is building a decentralized pensions and savings infrastructure on blockchain. We appreciate the boost in community support that we got via the Quest, while we’re surely looking forward for more by bringing along the series of Community Crypto Quests to reward our early supporters!
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What is it?

The Akropolis Community Quest is a crypto community game which will take you through a series of fun puzzles and riddles, created by Akropolis to reward our incredible community of supporters and early adopters.

How do I participate?

Signups will be open from Tuesday July 17th. You just need to fill out the form to sign up.

Any questions?

Ask them in our official Telegram Chatroom - we are available 24/7.

How does it work?

The quest is divided into 10 rounds. Each round lasts for 1 day. You will receive all the instructions one day before the game starts which is on July 24th. There will be multiple entertaining and highly engaging challenges, expect a lot of surprises!

What are the prizes?

Each day you can win up to US$500 worth of crypto depending on your place in the round! The most active participants as well as the round winners will be entered into a draw for an opportunity to win extra special prizes:

  1. 10 ETH
  2. Ledger Nano (delivered to your door)
  3. Trip to joint Akropolis and Cindicator Meetup

The total prize pool for the campaign is worth US$50,000 in AKT and ETH!

The Akropolis Community Quest